Algorand and Cardano Partner to Take Crypto to the Next Level

• Charles Hoskinson has proposed that Algorand become a sidechain of Cardano, a move which could improve the network.
• Algorand is working on its own staking framework in order to challenge Ethereum and Cardano.
• The community reaction to Hoskinson’s offer was largely positive, although some were skeptical as to whether he was serious or not.

Algorand Upgrades Staking Framework

Algorand is aiming to upgrade its staking framework in order to compete with Ethereum and Cardano. Its new pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) offers better individual incentivization and could potentially surpass the leading delegated PoS networks.

Charles Hoskinson Offers Sidechain Collaboration

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has offered his help for Algorand’s transition into becoming a sidechain of Cardano, believing that it would offset weaknesses and provide significant improvement for the network. This isn’t the first time that Hoskinson has made such an offer; he previously extended a similar one to Solana as well.

Community Reacts Positively To Offer

The community’s reaction to Charles Hokinson’s offer was largely positive, although some wondered if the controversy-ridden founder was merely instigating another feud or genuinely interested in the collaboration. It appears highly unlikely that a partnership between Algorand and Cardano will come to fruition at this point in time.

Benefits Of Becoming A Sidechain

There are numerous benefits associated with becoming a sidechain of Cardano – namely access to its vibrant developer community which could make the transition much smoother for Algorand. Additionally, partnering with Cardano would provide many improvements for both networks due to their combined resources and efforts towards development progress.


Overall, it remains uncertain whether Algorand will seriously consider Charles Hoskinson’s offer of becoming a sidechain of Cardano or not, but if they do decide to take up his proposal then it could be monumental for both networks as well as the entire crypto industry at large.