Crypto, Tokenization & DeFi: Ripple’s Value Report Highlights Key Trends

• Ripple released a new report for 2023 that highlighted five key trends in crypto, tokenization, and DeFi.
• Over 1,700 finance experts participated in the survey with most being supportive of crypto and digital assets.
• The report also discussed potential for crypto-enabled payments and the need to monitor privacy, transparency, and risk control.

Ripple Releases Report on Crypto Trends

Ripple has released its new value report for the year 2023 entitled “Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond”. The report provides insights into the global influence and perspective of crypto, blockchain, and digital assets while also giving an outlook on where these technologies are headed in the future. Over 1,700 finance experts participated in the survey and identified five major factors to consider in upcoming years: Tokenize, Manage, Move, Privacy & Transparency Regulatory Issues & Risk Control.

Supportive of Crypto & Digital Assets

The survey found that overall acceptance of crypto and digital assets is increasing among the general public with only ten percent remaining skeptical. Approximately 75% of respondents viewed crypto and digital assets as critical part of the future with a similar percentage supporting technologies such as NFTs and stablecoins. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicts that tokenization of world illiquid assets will reach $16 trillion by 2030.

Potential for Crypto-Enabled Payments

Finance experts were also optimistic about DeFi solutions improving operational effectiveness by managing data more effectively as well as providing financial flexibility. Nearly 44% viewed crypto-enabled payments positively with half being open to accepting them as payment options. However, it was emphasized that privacy, transparency regulatory issues & risk control must be monitored closely when using such services.


This report provides valuable insights on where we currently stand regarding crypto & digital asset trends as well as what may come next down the line inspiring readers to consider their role in shaping this industry’s future. Despite recent setbacks there is still hope that this technology can continue to grow over time leading us into a more connected world through secure payment systems based on decentralized ledgers like blockchain technology which continues to gain more traction each day..


• The acceptance of cryptocurrency is increasing amongst general public • Tokenization of world illiquid assets could reach $16 trillion by 2030 • Finance experts are optimistic about DeFi solutions improving operational effectiveness • Security & privacy should be closely monitored when using crypto-enabled payments